Nov 25, 2012

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Peacock Nail Art Design

Peacock Nail Art Design

Here is a little update for my previous nail design. Since now I have longer nails, my nail art designs look much better. You are probably asking yourself what did I do in order to make them grow… Well I found about gel nail polish! I know that Shellac were the fist one on the market but you can buy any other brand that have the same formula. I bought mine in a pharmacy (Pharmaprix) in Canada, Quebec. The brand is called Sensationail Starter Kit from Nailene. You can get the same one in USA in Walmart. It was around 100$, but since we are in Canada, everything is more expensive here. In USA the price will be around 60$. Of course, you could try another brands if you wish (Orly gel nail polish, OPI gel nail polish, etc). What is amazing is that once you have the LED lamp, you could use the gel nail polishes from other brands. It will work perfectly. Personally I use only the clear coat as a base. On top I can create any design I want that wont chip off thanks to the gel base coat. I keep the same design until I see my natural nail. Then I take off the nail polish with a nail remover, I file the nail and proceed by applying a new coat of clear gel nail polish. That’s it. Now I have long nails :D


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